Commercial Roofing Services

Western Summit Roofing Contractors LLC has a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability in the commercial roofing industry. Whether you are installing a new system or applying a waterproofing system to an existing roof, we have a proven track record with exceptional performance.  

Serving the needs of commercial properties all along the Colorado Front Range, we offer comprehensive roofing and waterproofing services, and we are dedicated to quality above all else.  After a thorough inspection of your project, the commercial roofing experts at Western Summit Roofing will discuss the pros and cons of all options available to you.  We will cover every detail so that you can make an informed decision about the best solution for the specific needs of your property.  

Colorado’s Climate and Commercial Roofs

With the local climate ranging from cold and wet to hot and dry with elements of wind, rain, snow, ice and hail, your roof will have its durability tested constantly, and there is no room for mistakes.  Extreme shifts in seasonal weather can wreak havoc on a flat roof system.  

The Commercial roofing team at Western Summit Roofing offers comprehensive commercial roofing maintenance, waterproofing, and repair services to ensure your roof is in optimal condition year around.  

Flat Roof Maintenance and Repair Services

Western Summit Roofing understands that the importance of having a high quality, long lasting roof cannot be overstated.  Maintaining your roof in top condition enables your business to continue running smoothly and efficiently.  

It’s important to have your roof system inspected annually so that any damaged or vulnerable areas can be repaired or replaced before more costly problems unfold.  


We offer comprehensive roof maintenance services that will give you peace of mind that your roof will be leak free all year around. These services consist of:
    •    Annual or semi-annual inspections including detailed written assessment of current condition of complete roofing system.
    •    Identification and repair of potential existing roofing failures.
    •    Clean out of roof drains, scuppers and gutter systems.
    •    Removal of accumulated debris.
    •    Dedicated crews specializing in warranty work and emergency repairs.