Insurance Claims

Did you have severe weather in your area?  Hail?  Wind?  Something worse? Due to the severity of weather in Colorado thousands of roofs are replaced every year due to hail and wind damage.  The vast majority of these roof replacements are covered by homeowners’ insurance policies.  

At Western Summit Roofing, we are experts in dealing with insurance claims and helping homeowners to maximize the return on insurance restoration projects. If you have recently filed an insurance claim or if you would just like to know if pursuing a claim makes sense, our team of claims specialists can help.  Call us today and we will set a time in as little as 24 hours to come out and give you our expert advice!   

5 steps in the Insurance Claim Process

1. Get your roof inspected by a local, reputable company.

To avoid filing a claim when you don’t have sufficient damage, get a free no-obligation roof inspection first to verify that a claim is warranted. An unwarranted claim will stay on your record and may cause your insurance rates to be raised for no reason.

2. With confirmed damage, make a claim with your insurance.

After you have verified that there is sufficient damage you can make a claim with confidence. The process usually takes about ten minutes over the phone with the Claims department, and your insurance company will ask you about what got damaged and the date of the storm. They might ask you if you have chosen a roofing contractor. Keep in mind that it is entirely your choice to work with any roofing company you wish.

3. Set the appointment to have your insurance adjuster and your roofer inspect your roof together.

Having them inspect the roof together will ensure that your insurance company and your roofing company will be on the same page about what will be covered. We’ve found that adding this step saves a lot of extra time of back and forth negotiations over what is owed to do the job right. In turn, it will get the process moving more quickly for you.

4. Schedule your roof replacement.

With your insurance approval and proceeds in hand, you will now be ready to schedule the work to be completed. Your Project Manager at Western Summit Roofing will guide you through the process of choosing the best roofing solution to fit your needs. The average roof replacement takes between 1-2 days.

5. Your deductible should be your maximum out of pocket expense.

Once your insurance claim is approved, your insurance company will pay you for the full value of your claim, minus your deductible. Western Summit Roofing will collect payment upon substantial completion of your roof project.

Your roofing needs are our priority.